“Dune City” is located in the midst of the Polish coast on a 10 km long spit separating the Baltic Sea and the Lake Jamno. On the opposite side of the lake is the City of Koszalin with more than 100.000 inhabitants.

The Dune City property stretches 2 km long with both sea and lake frontage and is being crossed by the only canal connecting the 2.000 hectare large lake with the Baltic Sea.

To the North the entire property is bordering large sand dunes and white sandy beaches.

To the South the entire area bordering the lake is overgrown with straws.

Approximately 3-4 km in both East and West directions are located established holiday resort destinations.

The entire property offer panoramic views of the sea and the lake as well as the hills on the opposite side of the lake.

Mariusz Szatkowski