Repair, maintenance and support of WordPress-based websites

Maintenance of WordPress themes

A custom WordPress site based on a customer-designed project is nothing more than a custom WordPress theme. Therefore, we want to help you develop custom WordPress themes.

Need help with your WordPress website?
Contact us for core WordPress updates, an all-in-one solution with themes, plugins, backups, security and uptime monitoring, and troubleshooting.

I would like you to be aware of the following facts and risks:

  • There will be new versions of WordPress.
  • There will be new versions of plugins installed on my site.
  • There may be new versions of the theme used on my site.
  • Not performing the above updates reduces the security of my site and makes it vulnerable to attacks.
  • Attacks on my website are usually done blindly by automated machines and are not initiated by personal motives such as revenge against the website owner. In other words, it can happen to anyone. An attack on a website may go unnoticed by its owner.
  • For example, hackers will redirect people accessing our site from mobile phones to pornographic sites or to competitors’ sites.
  • Not updating a website for a long time (e.g. several months or years) increases the difficulty and cost of updating it safely.
  • Performing updates to WordPress, a theme or a plugin may (but does not have to) break your site:
    a.partially (only some elements will stop working)
    b.completely (you will see a white screen when you access the site)
  • The more plugins there are on my site, the greater the risk of breaking the site when performing updates and/or exposing it to potential attacks.
  • The lack of new plugin versions does not mean that the plugin version installed on the site is safe. The plugin may have been abandoned and may not be developed further.
  • There’s no 100% way to protect yourself from an attack. The most important thing I can do is ensure that backups are created (and safely stored). If a website is damaged or attacked, there is a good chance that an older version can be restored by someone who knows how to do this

Based on many years of experience in WordPress

We create and adapt changes to WordPress themes, working on a solid foundation. Tested and optimised sites that we have developed ourselves. Our capabilities are based on experience in creating hundreds of customised WordPress pages. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know how we can standardise more smartly. Thanks to this, we reduce the cost of preparing websites. We also know how to make future choices regarding adapting and using existing modules. That’s why you can safely tell us about your WordPress development.

Our methods of working in WordPress

Creating WordPress themes efficiently always starts with developing the primary goal of your site.
However, this is not always possible in the most optimal way: it requires a lot of experience in web design. To ensure that your WordPress site works as quickly as possible, we discuss the possible ways of optimisation from our point of view and experience. You will learn that the longer you work with us, the more you will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of how to show your site on the internet.