Development of WordPress websites and stores and adaptation

WordPress website adaptation and development

A custom WordPress website based on a project designed for a client is nothing but a custom WordPress theme. We want to assist you in developing custom WordPress themes.

You can benefit from our expertise in creating custom WordPress themes, for example:

  • Implementing or modifying a commercial WordPress theme
  • Building a client-designed web project
  • Customizing themes and developing plugins
  • Building social networks, websites, knowledge sharing systems and e-commerce online stores to client requirements
  • Custom WordPress website on a customized theme

Developing custom WordPress themes can be used in parallel with customized designs and WordPress themes. So we can provide a fully designed WordPress site, but we can also develop a theme, or template for a particular site. Since we have experience in adapting commercial marketplace themes, almost anything is possible!

Creating online stores in WordPress

We create and adapt changes to WordPress and WooCommerce themes, working on a solid foundation. Tested and optimized sites that we developed ourselves. Our capabilities are based on experience in creating hundreds of customized WordPress sites. With years of experience, we know how we can standardize in a smarter way. As a result, we level the cost of preparing websites. We also know how we can make future choices when it comes to customizing and using existing modules. That’s why you can safely hand over your development of WordPress and WooCommerce based websites and stores to us.

Our methods of working with WordPress

Effective WordPress theme development always starts with developing the main purpose of the site.

However, this is not always possible in the most optimal way: it requires a lot of experience in web design. To make sure that your WordPress-based site runs as fast as possible, we discuss with you possible ways to optimize from our point of view and experience. You’ll learn that the longer you work with us, the more you’ll benefit from our in-depth knowledge of how to show off your site on the Internet.

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