Jak SZYBKO dodać stronę do wyszukiwarek

Krótki, acz treściwy tutorial, który jasno ilustruje czynności, które powinniśmy wykonać by nasza strona została szybko zaindeksowana przez wyszukwiarki – jak pisze sam autor – wystarczą 3 dni ;)

  1. Write 10 highly informative and unique articles about the topic of your website.
  2. If you can’t write articles, as such would require a lot of time, hire a freelancer to do it for you.Go to www.rentacoder.com , www.elance.com or www.guru.com and advertise a job.You’ll receive some bids, and it’s up to you to select the best freelancer for the task you want done.
  3. Submit these articles to as many article directories you could find.The ones you shouldn’t miss are www.exinearticles.com , www.goarticles.com and www.isnare.com .Being linked via the latter option has been known to work well with MSN rankings.There are more than a thousand prominent article directories today.If you have one article in each of their databanks, then you’d have a thousand pages linking to your website.
  4. Create a blog at www.blogger.com .Choose the default hosting option, that is, allow Blogger to host your blog.Blogger is owned by Google.You see the point we’re driving at here?Make sure that your blog would link to your main website, either as a mention in your posts, or as a fixed link on your menu bar.
  5. Link to as many blogs as possible.Chances are, the owners of those blogs would link to your blog as well, and the readers of those blogs may even do the same thing.
  6. There are sure to be some forums devoted to the subject of your website.Find these forums and create an account with each of them.Use the tool at www.link-advantage.com/search to find the online community related to the subject of your site.Once you’re a member in those forums, include a link to your website in the signature box that would be provided for.Your signature box will appear in every post you will make.The trick here is to publish as many significant posts as you could.Each post will serve as a link to your main website, and would improve its link popularity.
Mariusz Szatkowski
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